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BIR Registration Requirements for Sole Proprietor RDO 54A

on April 27, 2013

This is a follow up to my previous post for securing Certificate of Registration with BIR.

The previous post on Imus BIR satellite office requirements (which I think were managed by mayor’s staff and not BIR) were much lesser but will involve logistics and handling expenses. When I decided to have them file on my behalf, I was surprised that they are saying that it will take a minimum of two months to have the certificate. So to my disbelief and frustration, I decided to go to the head office in Trece Martirez Cavite and file on my own.

When I arrived there at around 3pm last April 25, I am again in disbelief that they are no longer accommodating the registration as what the guard said, they have already met their cut-off! Imagine that when I come all the way from Imus! Amazingly frustrated again, I decided to get a list of requirements for sole proprietors and surprised that the list counts to 15 items! I don’t really get it, they are making it difficult when you are already voluntarily paying the tax! Amazing!

So here it goes. Requirements issued at RDO 54A covering the Municipalities of Alfonso, Amadeo, Carmona, Dasmariñas, Gen. Mariano Alvarez, Gen. Aguinaldo, Imus, Indang, Mendez, Silang and the cities of Tagaytay and Trece Martirez.

1. BIR FORM 1901 (2)
2. BIR FORM 1906 (3)
3. BIR FORM 0605 (3)
4. BIR FORM 2000 (3) (Documentary Stamp Payment for Lease Contract if Renting)
5. Sample Receipt and Job Order (To be attached at 1906)
6. Birth Certificate (Original & Photocopy)
7. Marriage Contract if Married (Original & Photocopy)
8. Birth Certificate of Children (Original & Photocopy)
9. Mayor’s Permit (Original & Photocopy)
10. DTI (Original & Photocopy)
11. Contract of Lease (If Renting)
12. Tax Declaration/Title + SPA/Affidavit of Consent if the location is not owned by the Applicant (If not Renting)
13. Sketch of location
14. Franchise Agreement
15. Books of Accounts
a. Columnar
b. Ledger
c. Journal
d. Additional Books for VAT Taxpayer
1. Subsidiary Sales Journal
2. Subsidiary Purchase Journal


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