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New SSS and Philhealth Contributions effective for year 2014

on January 4, 2014

As these government institutions have increased their premium contributions, I have summarized both contributions in this post. For voluntary members you may take note of the increase.

Refer to this link for SSS site . 

Previous maximum contribution was P1,560 and the new amount is now at P1,760 which has increased by P200.




For Philhealth, please see below the premiums for each category:

1. Individually Paying Members

new cont 2014 for voluntary

2. Overseas Workers – If overseas, submit the following documents to any PhilHealth office:

  • • Properly accomplished PhilHealth Premium Payment Slip (PPPS);
  • • Duplicate copies of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) – for initial registration only;
  • • Any of the following documents: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, POEA ECARD/SSS/Company ID, Passport, Any valid ID / document acceptable to the Corporation and;
  • • Pay the corresponding premium contribution of P1,200.00 (for Year 2012) or its equivalent in the local currency of the host country to any accredited collecting agent

4. Employed Sector – please see table below. The previous minimum contribution total was only P175 after the increase last second quarter of the year 2013. The new minimum contribution total is now at P200 which was published on the last quarter of 2013.



7 responses to “New SSS and Philhealth Contributions effective for year 2014

  1. claire says:

    if i will be going to contribute from these month onwards, and i supposed to labor on the month september will i’ll be giving a full assistance coming from sss and philhealth ?

    • amaranthbiz says:

      I am not familiar with your issue and its best to ask Philhealth and SSS on this matter. However, based on experience, you need 3 quarters or 9 months contribution prior to hospitalization for Philhealth and for SSS >>> To qualify for a Maternity Benefit Claim, you will need to have at least 3 monthly contributions within a 12 month period immediately prior to the semester of childbirth or miscarriage.

  2. GGJoe says:


    we recently employed a new labor worker for one of our construction sites. In his application form, he placed that he was born in Sep 1995 — making the applicant 18 years of age and valid to work. We accepted him , and since he does not have an SSS number yet, our HR group processed his application for SSS but found out through requesting the applicant’s birth certificate that his real birth date is Sep 1997. The worker has been working in our site for more than 10 working days now. What should be our next step? Is it valid to formally terminate him since he is underage? Are we obligated to pay him any damages since we employed him for less than 20 days?

    • amaranthbiz says:

      Hi Sir, this is more of a labor issue than an SSS issue and I am not familiar and an expert on this area. On my personal opinion, I think you have all reasons why you have to formally terminate him and paying damages is not necessary since he was not honest in the beginning.

  3. erik says:

    Hello, i been unemployed last Nov. 2013 till now, i have not paid my sss, philhealth and pagibig contribution, can i still pay it to fill the gap, how much would i pay for the above mentioned statutory contributions ? Pls. help me… Thanks!

    • amaranthbiz says:

      Usually, SSS will not allow you to pay the missing months. Philhealth I think will allow the current year then Pag-big will allow payments to cover previous. You payment for contribution will depend on your income. However, it is best to visit their office as they could give you information on how to proceed with your concern.

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